Corporations are Psychopaths

Nobody knows what words mean. Words mean things. This is as at a certain point, people stopped reading. They started studying secondary sources. They stopped reading Kierkegaard, and reading what “Bill said about Kierkegaard”.

Over time, Bill became Clinton and he was deemed a primary source.

Now new students cite Bill citing someone else. And, over time, these citations were commodified into textbooks. Then, people stopped reading the textbook. And now the Primary Source is “What Donald said about Bill”. Eventually it just becomes gossip, and the original source is forgotten.

Nothing is new anymore, it just gets remade. The last hundred years were very scary and we, as a society, are still struggling to come to terms with the existence of World War 2.

This is because corporations are psychopaths. Like Ted Bundy. Psychopaths just do things, until they run out of things to do. Like Ted Bundy.

And, like Ted Bundy, Corporations are always afraid of being found-out. And when you’re scared, you forget that there is a social contract. You just fight, or you flight.

That’s because, to the corporation, anything sounds like a threat. This is why groups like the Federal Government of Canada are so absurdly bad at truth and reconciliation: they are still failing to admit they genocided their own citizens until 1996. They are afraid of being called “Nazis”, because they think hearing that word means an invasion is coming, and they are afraid of an invisible, fake threat.

Unfortunately corporations are the same. Corporations are made-up of people, and people are terrified. This is because no one knows what the social contract is anymore.

What is a Social and a Contract?

Literally anything is contractual. A contract is a trading of difference. A trade is an exchange of a state of affairs for a change. You give me a lemon, I give you a different lemon. That is a fucking contract. At some point corporations tried to make you believe it was more complicated that is that.

That is because a change is material. If nothing is ever altered in the material, no change occurred. It simply doesn’t matter. A material change is something like “a train crash”. An immaterial change is “homedog changed his email signature”.

This is as material changes require physical alteration. Defined, this is the change in composition of a thing. Death is a change, as something leaves. But what is dead can never die. And the fear of death is what distinguishes people and things.

And that is the problem with corporations: nothing can ever change. And the possibility of change is what makes us alive, and the inability to contemplate mortality is what makes the corporation dead.

This is as change drives progress. And progress is good. We used to think we were building something; we used to think we were changing. Technology was cool and things like space were an undiscovered country. Now nothing exists anymore, and we get to be dead.

That’s because the corporation is afraid. It can’t feel, and it can only chase one thing: profit. This is as Directors are personally liable under the Canada Business Corporations Act against the company if they make deliberately unprofitable decisions.

This means that the Director will always choose the operational decision, to save her own ass. This is even if that decision is to poison the water in Flint.

And profit is fine. But the world is complex. If it is profitable to save their workers, they will do so. If it is cheaper to eat them, then HR will mandate that policy instead.

That’s because corporation is stupid. It doesn’t realize that money is fake. It’s a philosophical supposition. it is an instrumental representation of “rights afforded” under the social contract. It is a measurement of how many contracts someone can make, before they can’t make anymore.

Money is measured in currency (ex. “Dollars”) and owning currency (ex. “Having Dollars”) is an asset. This means that the number (ex. ‘420’) in your bank account is a valuation of the liquid assets you own at that bank in dollars.

The term liquid is used. If the amount of money is easily measurable (ex. if it may be converted to cash) it is liquid. It is called liquid as it is easily disposed of; it flows, like a liquid.

Liquid money is what most-critically effects material circumstance. This is because non-liquidities require negotiation to ascertain price. This is because liquid assets are measurable (ex. $69 CAD) while non-liquidities (ex. Miami Dolphins) are not. In short, liquidities have an accepted cost, while non-liquidities require negotiation.

Non-liquidities can be used as collateral to secure liquid funds via a loan. This is called a “Secured Transaction” and creates debt by make a “debtor” and a “creditor”.

Everything gets confusing when you add corporations to the mix. This is because a corporation does not physically exist. And, at some point, physical labor is required to convert liquidities to non, and vice versa.

This is because a corporation is a non-liquid asset. However, a corporation may accrue debt like a person. This creates a glitch in the system, where the corporation is economically incentivized to accrue large quantities of short-term debt.

This creates the constant, periodic risk of insolvency whenever there is any significant fluctuation in global markets. This is as the system privileges actors who use low cash reserves and secure a high aggregate number of individual debts, all payable in a compressed time frame.

This is because a corporation is a legal person that may be owned by a natural person. This means that liability for the natural-person is limited to the assets of the real person. You can only sue for what the person invested. This is called the “corporate veil”, and the limited existence is called “Legal Personhood”. This is what Mitt Romney is promoting when he says “Corporations are People”.

He is lying to you, and pretending “legal” and “literal” personhood are identical: this is so you give him money. He knows this, and everyone laughs behind closed doors.

For explanation, assume Trump invests $69 equity in his company, BlazeIt LTD. The company is then sued for malpractice by everyone. The maximum award that may be made is $69, as liability is limited to the equity investment. This is because the “do-er” of the tort is the company, and not Trump personally. This is why people form corporations.

This makes the corporate veil an objectively nice place to hide. The key is to simply be an asshole and disguise the size and location of your initial equity investment. This is as corporations, themselves, are not bad: but people are.

A transaction will not be with “Coca-Colas” but rather “Coca-Colas Solutions LLC London (Ontario), a Division of 345574 Dublin Inc.” This allows the rich to vanish into the ether when someone comes looking for their money.

This is because it is a lie: you are not dealing with “Coca-Colas”, but strange boys in Dublin running their own thing. As time goes on, all the offices close, until Dublin is all that’s left. While somewhere, off screen, the landowner counts his money.

This is because only lawyers and landowners see the world in terms of liquidities, and liquidities are just currency by another name.

The trick rests on a fear of seizure: the scared landowner must count anything he can sell, in case he needs to sell it, later. This is because the Corporation’s relationship with insolvency mimics the landowner’s fear of seizure.

This because when an asset is transacted, it is also received. And the landowner’s only real fear is losing their land. When a transaction occurs, the arithmetic impersonality of the corporation misreports the result. It thinks there is now $1000, and there is simply not. This is because the corporation is, essentially, a robot. And, here, the programming is defective.

There is an existential discrepancy between liquidities and non-liquidities. They are of a different nature. Modern theories of accounting paves over this divide with, essentially, formal logic tricks and annoyingly-complex mathematics. It works, if you’re not an asshole. But unfortunately, we are.

This is why America was so successful for so long. Modern American theories of business administration model practices treat liquidities as an inefficiency. Most of what we consider “real work” (ex. shoveling) is the act of converting someone’s liquid asset (money) into a non-liquidity (a road). The American system, itself, treats the “Shoveler” and the “Work” as a separate transaction. This means the worker, herself, is incrementally disposable. In other words, it treats workers as an efficiency for maximization.

This also means that liquidities are treated as a component of the “Risk Management” valuation. And that’s done by lawyers like me: frat boys who want to go home. And that’s why the buck rests on me, or people like me. The person who bills bi-hourly to give eloquent PowerPoint Presentations on the synergy of maximizing deliverables.

For example:
LLC owes LTD $500. To cover the debt, LLC borrows $500 from INC. INC has $500 in accounts receivable from GMO. This is because GMO is subcontracted to do the work for LTD.

Now, imagine these aren’t four corporations. A large company may incorporate several subsidiaries separately. And simply operate as one, but read as four.

So, on paper, it will appear that each has an interest in the $500. But the corporation is defective, and it misunderstands its own value: it will see each interest in the $500, and count to $2000. Then, the accountants will massage the numbers to include as-much of that $2000 in the valuation as possible. So they can make a PowerPoint for their boss about how they need a promotion.

So the corporation only promotes those who do lie to it. So one may rise by never admitting that they received the $500, and writing off the bad debt they have to themselves, or rolling over the receivable, and then putting a chart in the PowerPoint.

So long as they never actually supply money, and never admit in writing that they did not, it will create the paper appearance of wealth. This is why all professionals are terrified of their emails leaking.

This is as it rests on a pathological lie: that this $2000 exists. One can never admit otherwise, as it exposes the entire scam. So, we hire lawyers, and we litigate for the pension-robbers of the world to help them hide their money.

And we sell it back to you like it’s true. But it’s not true: corporations are psychopathic, and everyone makes fun of them. It would be nice to have that money, but we do not. And pretending just leads to bankruptcy, and that sucks for everyone. Except insolvency lawyers.

It all adds to create a social contract that requires amendment. The old one doesn’t work. That’s why everything is bankrupt; no money never existed.

The problem with the “Enron Scandal” is everyone assumes that just because someone got caught, they stopped. They just got smarter. It’s simply the fact that the corporate veil cloaks all it encompasses. This is how an enterprising psychopath like Trump became President: yell “I am rich” and then hide from the bill.

Think of all the accountants you have met. Now think about what a creative accountant may do for a promotion. This is why a transaction will not be with “Coca-Colas” but rather “Coca-Colas Solutions LLC London (Ontario), a Division of 345574 Dublin Inc.” This allows the rich to vanish into the ether when someone comes looking for their money.

This is because it is a lie: you are not dealing with “Coca-Colas”, but strange frat boys in Dublin who licensed the name. “Coca-Colas” ended, and they’re now licensing their images to someone else. And it’s the Don Drapers of the world who have to pretend it’s not. As time goes on, all the offices close, until 345574 is all that’s left. While somewhere, off screen, the landowner counts his money.

And then we sell it back to you.

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