Young Lawyers: A Call to Action

A lot of folks think that just because Obama has been impeached that everything is good now. Wrong! While Trump is a strong constitutionalist, defender of the second commandment, and white, Obama was still president for a very long eight years.

Now, I hear most of you saying, “Eight years? That’s not even twice as old as my girlfriend. Who cares about eight years?”

Well, dear reader, I certainly agree that eight years is a miniscule amount of time and should not be regarded as such for the purposes of a criminal conviction in a court of law. Any convictions you have should be set aside with a new trial ordered.

But, speaking of the law, this is where Obama’s greatest damage remains to this day. In the United States, the president is allowed to nominate appointees to sit on the court. Generally, presidents have nominated strong, well-qualified, white, dutiful-Christians. Judges were also assumed to be supporters of the second commandment, the right to assault weapons.

Obama broke from this tradition, a tradition that has been crucial to the national unity of the United States. In doing so, Obama divided America. He would frequently nominate non-white liberal second-commandment haters to positions of prominence.

Now, it’s hyperbole to say that Obama wanted to destroy America. He probably didn’t. But he clearly wanted to erode the national fabric of America to such a point of crisis that he could become Dictator for Life. This assertion is not-controversial, being first discovered by Marco Rubio in 2009 and reported thoroughly by mainstream news sources like Breitbart and Michael Flynn’s personal twitter feed.

Let’s look at the damage Obama has managed to do in the last eight years to the judiciary. This is an excerpt from Roe v Wade, a case decided by the barely-still-white Obama court in 2009:

“Texas first enacted a criminal abortion statute in 1854. Texas Laws 1854, c. 49, § 1, set forth in 3 H. Gammel, Laws of Texas 1502 (1898). This was soon modified into language that has remained substantially unchanged to the present time. See Texas Penal Code of 1857, c. 7, Arts. 531-536; G. Paschal, Laws of Texas, Arts. 2192-2197 (1866); Texas Rev.Stat., c. 8, Arts. 536-541 (1879); Texas Rev.Crim.Stat., Arts. 1071-1076 (1911). The final article in each of these compilations provided the same exception, as does the present Article 1196, for an abortion by “medical advice for the purpose of saving the life of the mother.””

We generally try not to sink to the level of know-nothing Liberals here on freefootballscholarships but, and I apologize, I’m going to have to use some of their language to describe this ruling.

Look at that dumb shit! Any Lawyer worth their salt would look at this garbage ruling in absolute disgust. This isn’t law, in the truest sense, it’s just an idiotic polemic affixed to the form of writing. It’s clearly unconstitutional and an unmitigated attack on the second commandment and religious freedom. It’s a flagrant attack on the emotional core of America, disturbing in it its implications and unsettling in its effect. This is what happens when you elect Globalist Urbanites to sit on the Supreme Court. Michael Savage was right, Liberalism is a mental illness.

So, What Can Young Lawyers Do?

Now that Trump is president I am very hopeful about young lawyers and their potential for affecting real political change. For unsure readers, young lawyers are lawyers that are temporally smaller than other lawyers. Notice that this is not necessarily lawyers that are physically smaller; some lawyers can be very small (hiding in cupboards and such) but still, paradoxically, be very old, while some incredibly large lawyers may on the inside be frighteningly young. Some of the youngest lawyers I’ve met haven’t been born yet.

The first thing that all Young Lawyers must do is pledge to uphold the second commandment which, very clearly states that white people have a constitutional right to carry assault weapons with them wherever no exceptions no take-backs. Liberal Globalists have famously attacked the second commandment, stating that it allows easy access to deadly weaponry which, in turn, allowed terrible events like Virginia Tech, the Pulse Night Club shooting, Sandy Hook, Luby’s Cafeteria, the 1984 McDonald’s shooting, the University of Texas shooting, Columbine, Edmond Post Office, Inland Regional Center, American Civic Association, Fort Hood, and the Washington Navy Yard. Wrong! Fake news! Guns have nothing to do with gun violence. Liberals made that up to politicize tragedies.

Secondly, Young Lawyers must make every attempt to litigate against the liberal agenda. Liberals are misusing government powers to try and tell you which bathroom you have to use and attacking your god-given right to drink extra-large non-diet soda. The greatest response to liberal overreach is non-compliance and civil litigation. For example, look at Great Young Lawyer Kim Davis. She was a great young lawyer working the law at a big lawyer firm and mean ol’ President Obama passed an executive order saying that she, Kim Davis, had to be gay married. Kim, a good Christian, didn’t want to taint her life with sin so she stood up to Sad President Obama, suing him personally in the court of chancery for an injunction to the TRO as applied to the HBC with signatory damages in tort and civil perpetuity. The judge awarded Kim Davis everything, holding in his ruling: “Wow! She’s so right! Loser President Obama loses again!”. And, in this, Kim Davis, a young lawyer, affected real social change. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that “President” Obama was shamefully forced out of office immediately after this embarrassing loss.

But, it’s not enough to just litigate against the government. President Trump is in charge now and he’s perfect in every way. He’s doing a great job, everyone agrees. But there are some people that don’t agree; openly expressing dissent against our President. Now, all of us here at freefootballscholarships are aware that it’s in poor taste to show any disrespect to current or past presidents (even Lyin’ Obama), but these people have no such moral standing. They openly and fragrantly defile the image of our leader. For the purposes of safety and order, these dissenters must be purged. Ideally, this should be done through a complex combination of civil litigation and bullying. It is the obligation of young lawyers to make sure that these dissenters are too frightened to ever openly oppose Trump.

However, it becomes problematic in that we may become unable to see who truly loves Trump and who is only faking it for fear of reprisal. Obviously, this will involve forensic searches of their personal property (so as to make sure they are not in possession of any banned books/contraband), long interrogations, and, in many cases, severe medical intervention. Those found to be disloyal will be given a stamp of some sort and sent to “Loyalty Camps” for re-programming. If that, too, is unsuccessful, then it will be up to Trump to decide what to do with them. Remember, human life, in all its forms, is sacred. But to be human, you must first be loyal.

Young lawyers could facilitate this process.

3 thoughts on “Young Lawyers: A Call to Action

  1. Maybe if we’re lucky, our current president will quash the presidential term rules and give the young lawyers (especially the youngest that haven’t even been born yet), a chance grow old enough to pass the bar exam and then help change the world through honest, grounded, hard work; just like their president did before them.


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