Ideas For the Entourage Sequel

Now, after the first Entourage movie was named Time Magazine’s ‘Greatest Artistic Achievement of the Twenty-First Century’, we can assume that Hollywood is going to come out with a sequel as soon as possible to cash-in on that success. As such, I have taken it upon myself to pitch the following eight ideas to help get the ball rolling:

  1. Entourage 2 The Streets: Having conquered Hollywood and the world, Vin and the boys have only one place left to succeed—the streets. Watch as E and Turtle slowly develop a criminal empire as Drama attempts to get in on all the big heists. The conflict of the movie comes in the third act where Vin decides he’s not gonna do a heist, but then does so anyway.
  2. Entourage Vs. Feminism: Entourage has always had a certain subtext: women are disposable sexual objects, to be used and thrown away, like jam. This sequel makes the subtext the text: Ari discovers critical feminist theory and realizes that it interferes with the lifestyle of Vin and the entire crew. And so, he takes it upon himself to affect political change the only way he knows how: by screaming lewd sexual comments at women. Ultimately, the film climaxes in the chamber of the Supreme Court where feminism is made illegal after Ari screams lasciviously at supreme court justice Sonya Sotomayor (who, at this point in the film, is dating E).
  3. Entourage Junior High: A prequel to the first Entourage movie set in a Junior High school. This film tracks how the crew met (at a Taco Bell). The conflict of the film comes when Vin decides he’s not doing the test, but later does the test.
  4. Entourage II – Love’s Final Death: A prestige drama set in the present. Turtle finds out he has an incurable disease and only forty-eight hours to live. This movie follows Turtle as he attempts to decipher the existential penumbra of a life in the post-9/11 era.
  5. Entourage 2 – Literal Pornography: The Entourage series has always been home to gratuitous nudity but this sequel takes it one step further by being literal pornography. Join the crew on a no-holds-barred sexual odyssey, as Vin decides between doing the movie or not doing the movie.
  6. Mr. Entourage Goes To Washington: After Vin’s latest movie fails to cross the billion dollar mark, Vin decides to abandon his film career for a career in politics. With E as his campaign manager and Drama as his body-man, Vin must decide between taking the bribe and not taking the bribe, before taking the bribe.
  7. Entourage 2 – Sloan Goes Wild!: After suffering a litany of abuses at the hands of her sociopathic partner, E, Sloan decides to take matters into her own hands, the only way she knows how. Think the usual ‘Entourage’ experience meets ‘The Hills Have Eyes’. Watch as Sloan kills her way through all your favorite Entourage characters—from Scott Lavin all the way to Dana Gordon.
  8. Entourage 2 – The Plague: A film version of Albert Camus’ The Plague featuring all of your favorite Entourage characters. Vin decides he’s not going to help with the plague, before changing his mind and helping with the plague. E dies.

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