Movie Ideas for Cuba Gooding Jr.

Since winning the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1997, Cuba Gooding Jr. has made some poor career choices. These days, he’s more of a B-List celebrity resigned to supporting roles in film and television. However, where some see a washout I see an opportunity: to revive Cuba Gooding Jr.’s career like Robert Downey Jr.’s or Mickey Rourke’s before him, to give him his own McConaissance. As such, below are a list of potential ideas for new films to relaunch Cuba’s career.

  1. Snow Dogs 2 Fallujah: set in Fallujah in the aftermath of the American invasion, this film follows Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Ted Brooks and the rest of the snow dogs as they goes undercover for the NSA as rebel insurgents to find and safely extract weapons of mass distraction. As a double feature, Cuba could also voice the dogs.
  2. The Orphanarium: a dark period drama where Cuba plays a Nurse working in an Orphan Asylum named James Blackendorpt. When an Orphan disappears during a routine biopsy, Cuba uncovers a vast conspiracy and organ trafficking market leading all the way from the doors of the Asylum to the pope himself. For an added racial subtext, the pope would be played by Chelsea Peretti
  3. Tender is The Night: a film version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous novel. Cuba would play Dr. Dick Diver, famous fan of fabulous alliteration. Nicole Diver would be played by Jennifer Love Hewitt.
  4. H3O – Hydrozone: Cuba would star as Dr. Liam Olivier, a renowned scientists who solves the world’s energy crisis by adding an extra hydrogen to water, creating Hydrozone. Everything is going great for Cuba until he realizes something terrible just as Hydrozone is going to market: it gives everyone who touches it an insatiable taste for human flesh. And now it’s a race against time, as Cuba must destroy his greatest invention, to save humanity.
  5. Breaking Bad – The Major Motion Picture: Picking up directly where the show left off and featuring Cuba playing Walter White. Waking up in Prison, Walter finds out that the government has illegally wiped his memories. Now with no idea of who he is or where he came from, Walt must rely on his knowledge of chemistry to break him out of Alcatraz and deliver himself back to his family, as he fights off cancer with one hand and the police with another.
  6. Indiana Jones and the Search for the Molten Tableau: A sequel to the well-established series, Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones comes out of retirement for one last adventure. He teams up with Nuclear Biologists Chang Steele, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., in a race against time to save the Molten Tableau. But, along the way, Indiana Jones starts to feel a strange attraction to this funny, smart, successful, nuclear biologist and must fight off baser urges, urges that Chang reciprocates midway through the film (in a very graphic way), as the two team up to fight against Nazis and the patriarchy.

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